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June 7th, 2010

10:30 am - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 16
Day 107 - Fam Time with my extended fam the Murakami's. Welcomed Kai into the Catholic community through baptism and shared a good meal over dim sum. And also downed 2 Remy XOs courtesy of Kuya Noel. ;)

Day 108 - 2.3 mile run/walk at Seward Park

Day 109 - .25 walk to Franz Bakery Outlet. LOL I was planning on going for a run, but the estimate to my car took a bit longer than I was expecting. My gf and I walked from her place on 23rd & Jackson to the Franz Bakery Outlet and bought carbs.

Day 110 - Nada

Day 111 - Nada

Day 112 - Nada

Day 113 - 1.5 walk while the sun was gloriously out!

This ends the personal 30+ day challenge. I'll be doing a 2 week detox before a lil trip I'm going on to Miami. I'll be updating this periodically. I am really hoping that this kick off will get me back on the pace I was at before, but I know that work and life really play a roll in how much time you have to commit to getting down to your ideal body type & weight. I am ok with where I am at right now, always a work in progress!
Current Mood: busybusy

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June 1st, 2010

10:49 am - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 15
Day 106 - Cata Catering Tasting Party. If that does not explain enough how much I ate. :) I also volunteered at this event and was busy helping to prep/make food and serve so I was on my feet all day!

Day 107 - Recharge Day - reflected and soaked in some sun at Seward Park. I didn't do the loop, I just noshed and stayed in my car.

Day 108 - Nada

Day 109 - Nada

Day 110 - Nada

Day 111 - Nada

Day 112 - Back breaking gardening. I had some volunteer duties for fulfill. Helped build a community garden near 5th & James in DT Seattle. At least the weather was nice. Then I ate all the calories I expended at my bff from hs's Master's grad party. Food from Jalisco's & plenty of Patron!

Still haven't fallen into a routine. Seems like life has been bringing up a lot of unforseen events that I have to manage. The one thing I can control is my intake, but I haven't been doing great with that. Especially when it comes to stress eating and zoning out in front of the tv in The Bed & eating snizzacks. Oh my.

I need to get it together. 3 weeks until some sun and I need to get this bod ready. ;)
Current Mood: coldcold

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10:47 am - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 13 + 14
Guess what I didn't do?

Day 92 - 105 NOTHING

The good thing - I've been busy volunteering my time and that makes me feel great. I haven't been completely sedentary. Lots of running around. Literally, light jogging from one place to the next!

The bad thing - I've been busy and really need to take care of myself on the whole. Body, heart, soul, spirit.
Current Mood: blankblank

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May 18th, 2010

12:05 pm - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 12
Day 85 - 2010 Beat The Bridge 8k - finished in 65 min. Not too pleased with my time, but I have been sick and I haven't been training/running. I did have great company with my Manang Sarah & Ate Donna. We paced & pushed each other.

Day 86- 3 mile run with Manang Myra - still SLOW and had to stop a few times. Its after the 2nd mile I slow down and need to rest.

Day 87- 3 mile run at Seward Park

Day 88 - Nada - SICK!

Day 89 - Nada - SICK!

Day 90 - Nada - SICK!

Day 91 - Nada - SICK!

I HAD energy, but then ended with illness. Haven't been put together lately and just need time to recover. :(
Current Mood: energeticenergetic

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May 13th, 2010

09:47 am - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 11
Day 78 - Mother's Day - Family gathering = FOOD. Haha! I had a funny feeling in my throat though. :\

Day 79- Nada - SICK!

Day 80- Nada - SICK!

Day 81 - Nada - SICK!

Day 82 - Nada - SICK!

Day 83 - Nada - SICK!

Day 84 - Nada - SICK!

Bummer week again, but even worse! I got sick! I was miserable and so glad that I was able to work from home so I could rest. I didn't want to share my germs with my co-workers either so I holed myself up in my room and only left to get sustenance. I was feeling better by Friday & headed out for a much needed steak dinner, movie and some drinks. Oh what a night. ;)

Saturday I had some volunteer opps to attend to before picking up my PIC! Tres Hermanas had lunch at Chipotle and hung out at LP. I went to a charity dinner/dance that evening and grubbed. Hi Auntie Lolie! :) I know she reads my blogs and laughs about me keeping track of the times I replace exercise with FOOD. Its a given. On to week 12 and I have a feeling its going to be good because I'm starting it off with a run!
Current Mood: sicksick

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May 5th, 2010

02:47 pm - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 11
Day 71 - Nada

Day 72 - Nada

Day 73 - Nada -

Day 74 - Nada - Happy Cinco De Mayo! I grubbed on some Mexican food. :D

Day 75 - 60 minutes cardio (30 treadmill & 30 on elliptical); 60 minutes lifting (upper) & abs with my gf Lyna

Day 76 - HH with my pppfffttt cuz she was in town!

Day 77 - My Godson's 1st Birthday Party - Filipino Party = FOOD.

I'm really averaging about 1 day a week to workout. Total bummer! I was hoping to at least get in 2-3 workouts in a week. I have Beat The Bridge on Sunday 5/15 and I am NOT ready to run 5 miles straight on the pavement. I'll do the best I can for not training!

I did get one of my gfs to sign up for the '10 Torchlight 8k Run and we're going to start running together in a few weeks. I need to get fitted for some better shoes. Its about comfort and not ALL about asthetic. I'm going to try and not let that get to me, but I can't help it if I'm not happy with a colorway. :)
Current Mood: busybusy

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02:43 pm - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 10
Once again, an almost a completely sedentary week. I've been so tired and busy with my volunteer obligations. I would rather do Pinay work, than workout. :)

Day 64 - Nada

Day 65 - Nada

Day 66 - Nada

Day 67 - Nada

Day 68 - Nada

Day 69 - 5 mile march for May Day

Day 70 - Nada

As my calendar fills up, my once 2 hours a day at the gym become non-existent. My body has been going through a lot lately and I need my sleep more than anything. I can feel areas getting soft and I need to handle that situation ASAP! Still have 20 classes of Bikram pending and going to try and do a 6 AM class soon to see if I can actually function at that hour to do yoga. :p
Current Mood: tiredtired

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April 18th, 2010

08:21 pm - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 9
Almost a completely sedentary week. That has to change come week 10. I will make it a point to do so!

Day 57 - 90 minutes Bikram Yoga with one of my fave yogis Maria teaching the class! It was great to have lots of friends in class too.

Day 58 - Tres Hermanas spent some qt together. Dinner and sending off our Maria back to MIA.

Day 59 - Nada

Day 60 - 2nd half completed!

Day 61 - Nada

Day 62 - Nada

Day 63 - Nada

My goodness. Working again has really put working out on the back burner. :\ I like sleep too much and really need it. Haha! At work, I do take the stairs always so there are some calories burned right? :p
Current Mood: confusedconfused

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April 12th, 2010

12:52 pm - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 8
Week 8, let's make it great! I have a few more days ahead for just me before I start work. Bittersweet to be returning to the workforce, but I'm thankful for the great opportunity. This week was very much dedicated to clearing my mind.

Day 50 - 5 mile walk at Alki. Starting the week off with beautiful weather and clearing my head for the week ahead of me.

Day 51 - Dinner date at Hooter's. Hey, a girls gotta have her chicken wangs!

Day 52 - Family Dinner Night and I was supposed to gym it up after, but headed home cuz I forgot my membership card! :\

Day 53 - 2.4 mile walk around Seward Park. This is my #2 spot to come relax and reflect. Love it here! Except for the gnats that seemed to follow me. :(

Day 54 - 2.4 mile walk around Seward Park again! It was another beautiful day!

Day 55 - Kasama Kultural Night - Pagkakaisa. I spent the afternoon/evening eating and sharing with kasamas. Such a natural high!

Day 56 - Field trip with Pinay/AB/FilSTAR! Did some walking around Seattle, but mostly driving to different historical Filipino sites.

The weather has been pretty nice here in the 206 and I have been taking advantage of it by spending time outside. I had up until Thursday to relax, sleep in and take in the beautiful scenery. As much as I try to clear my head, I'm still bogged down by repetitive thoughts. I have had great connections this week with kasamas and my Pinay Sistahs. Its been a busy couple of weeks and I'm happy to be doing the work. :)

I was recently introduced to veggie chicharon which has been a big downfall. So good and not so good. Snackmaster has definitely come out and I need to curb that. Ahhh well, on to another bag of goodness. :p
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy

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April 4th, 2010

11:35 pm - Personal 30+ Day Challenge - Week 7
Easter Sunday started off the week! Cheesecake Factory and then munching at my Sissy's afterwards while playing with Xavier. Food seemed to rule over me as well as PMS. I know not a good excuse, but I overdid the sugar intake and felt like crap. Must not repeat this week!

Day 43 - Easter lunching & munching. I overdid the indulging on candy/sweets and felt terrible at the end of the night. :\ Too much of a good & bad things.

Day 44 - Dining with my Pinay Sistahs at Pdot. Derailed again by food.

Day 45 - This week is becoming food related. Lunch at Red Robin with Sissy Manang and good home cooked food for dinner. Lauya and lumpia.

Day 46 - Ok, slowly back into it. 30 minutes plyometrics. I got sick afterwards. Haha!

Day 47 - Once again nothing. I ended up going to hh and then kicking it, but I was good and no liquor! Everyone was taking shots of Crown & Patron and I just had 1 glass of wine and bottled water.

Day 48 - Nothing. My last weekday of "vacation." Or so I thought. Looks like I'll be starting midweek next week. I was prepping for my weekend in PDX for 2010 NWFASA Conference!

Day 49 - NWFASA Conference! Facilitating with my Sisters from Pinay Sa Seattle. :)

This week was a waste. I'm waiting for my monthly visitor and have had every blah feeling and nothing yet. I decided to cleanse my body of unnecessary things and unfortunately my body is now reverting to how it used to be. Irregular. I'll be rejoining the work force next week and need to figure out my workout schedule still. I want to try and workout 7 days as week if I can, but I know my body will be tired and will need to adjust to a working schedule again.I hope next week I'll have more energy and will be able to get a consistent workout schedule going. I may try to do early AM workouts before work. I hate getting ready at the gym icky!

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. That's what this week was. I had a wonderful time with family and friends and as always, it seems to be over a good meal. I can't complain too much and know that I will get my drive back. I need to quit with the sweets. Nice to be able to eat 'em when I want, but I just need have a teeny, tiny bit at a time.

Almost to 60 day mark and hopefully I can get back on track and see maybe another 6 lbs lost in month 2. If not, all good, just have to change up my eating habits and be strict about it since I'll be relatively sedentary in my new job. Well, on to week 8!
Current Mood: lethargiclethargic

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